St. Louis - Celtic Cross Monument

Welcome to the website of the Celtic Cross Monument of St. Louis, Missouri. We are soliciting sponsorships from the St. Louis Irish community to finance the construction an 16.5-foot granite Celtic Cross statue, which you can see at St. John, the Apostle and Evangelist Church. This site contains comprehensive information about the project.

Memorial Project Status

The Celtic Cross Monument was dedicated on March 13th, 2005.


208 open slots remain. You can support the Monument, and memorialize your family name, by contributing to our construction fund. Click the Contribute button for more information.

Site Updates & News

2005-03-31 New sponsors added.
2005-03-21 We've added photos of the dedication ceremony. See the Installation page.
2005-03-12 We've added photos of the raising and installation of the Cross. See the Installation page.
2005-03-07 The Cross has been raised! Dedication happens on the 13th.
2005-03-02 We've added photos of three more engraved panels. See the Installation page.
2005-03-01 We've added a photograph of the completed head of the cross. See the Installation page.
2005-02-15 New sponsors added.
2005-02-13 Construction status update. Panel photos added.
2005-01-13 New sponsors added.
2004-09-01 New sponsor added.
2004-08-19 New sponsors added. Many inscriptions were corrected and updated as well.
2004-08-19 New sponsors added.
2004-07-30 Construction status update. Cross photos added.
2004-07-10 New sponsor added.
2004-06-29 New sponsors added.
2004-06-18 New sponsor added.
2004-03-26 New sponsor added.
2004-03-18 New sponsor added.
2004-02-26 New sponsors added. Construction status updated.
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2003-02-27 New sponsors added.
2003-02-17 New sponsors added. Also, we've added photos of the installation site; see the Installation page.
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2002-08-27 New sponsor added. Sponsor list redesigned for easier reading.
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2002-04-11 We've updated the Sponsors list.
2002-04-10 We've added a detailed rendering of the Cross to the Installation page.

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