St. Louis - Celtic Cross Monument

The Design

This site borrows heavily from the design and stylesheets provided by the New York Public Library's Online Style Guide. We thank the NYPL for open-sourcing their CSS. Any mistakes or rendering problems evident on our site are surely our own, and not the NYPL's.

To the original design, we've added our own take on CSS-based "rollovers" — see the horizontal row of buttons used in the navigation area. (Due to our inability to simultaneously support IE5, IE5.5, and IE6 under Windows, each of which seems to have unleashed a fresh set of CSS parsing and HTML rendering bugs on the planet, we've used browser detection to serve up non-CSS-based navigation in some cases.)

The CSS used for the FAQ area is a barely-adequate substitute for the original design, which was much nicer to look at in most browsers but a jumbled pile of ugliness in IE/Win. We've opted for compatibility over beauty in this case. Yes, in the original, the margins lined up.