St. Louis - Celtic Cross Monument

Support the Celtic Cross Monument Project

Celtic Cross Brochure Click to download our Celtic Cross brochure, which contains information about the Celtic Cross project, an artist's rendering of the monument, and a form that facilitates your contribution.

The Celtic Cross Monument will not become a reality without your contributions. This project will be totally paid for by contributions from people who wish to support the memorial and at the same time memorialize themselves, their friends, or their families in conjunction with it. One hundred percent of the money raised will go toward completion of the Celtic Cross.

The cost to have your selected inscription mounted on the wall of the Celtic Cross site is $350. This entitles the contributor to one line of text on an engraved panel. Each line can contain up to thirty .75'' (three-quarter inch) high characters. Spaces and punctuation are included in the character count.

There will be 28 names on each panel.

We urge you to make your contribution now because we expect the fund to be fully subscribed in a very short time.

Make your contributions payable to:
St. John Catholic Church, Celtic Cross Fund

Send your check with the completed form below to:
Msgr. Dennis Delaney, Pastor
St. John, Apostle and Evangelist Parish
15 Plaza Square
St. Louis, MO 63103

Please clearly print the name(s) you wish to have inscribed on the wall. Remember: 30 characters maximum per line, including spaces between names and punctuation. For example: "Joseph and Helen McGlynn" would count for 24 characters (21 letters and 3 spaces).

The PDF brochure linked from the top of this page contains a tear-off contribution form, which might be more convenient for you.