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Ancient Order of Hibernians St. Charles, MO, AOH
Ronald & Margaret Aylward Ronald L. Aylward Family
Robert P. Barnidge The Bob and Nancy Barnidge Family
W. Raymond Barrett Ray & Jeannine Barrett Family
Tom, Jack, Jim Barry & Families James T. "Bud" Barry, Sr.
Ruth V. Beffa John F. and Marie S. Wilson
Thomas M. Bradshaw Wm. & Sheila Bradshaw Family
Timothy & Marianne Brady Tim & Marianne Brady Family
Celestia L. Brandenburg (no inscription)
Norbert A. Bremehr Mary Ellen McGlynn Bremehr
Viola C. Brendenberg Dorothy and Francis Boyle
John A. & Dorothy Brennan The John A. Brennan Family
Daniel G. Phillips Thomas J. Brennan Mary Mullen
John A. & Dorothy Brennan The David Keefe Family
Joanne M. Brooks Robert A. Brooks Family
Steve and Diane Brown In Memory of Elizabeth Nolan
Bernie & Janet Buckman Dorothy Cecelia Finnigan
Bernie & Janet Buckman Mary Agnes Finnigan
Bernie & Janet Buckman Pauline Finnigan
Georgia Buckowitz Patrick J. O'Malley
R. C. Bumbery John & Lillian Bumbery Family
Barry J. Burke Barry & Burke Family
William P. Carroll Capt. William F. Carroll
Penny, Peggy, Joey, Patty,
Nora, Mark, Matt McLain
Joe and Peggy McLain "60"
Jerome J. Cochran Eileen Cochran Bishop Edward J. O'Donnell
Edward C. Cody Edward C. and Marylou Cody
Sean Collins John and Helen Collins
Robert Concannon, Jr. The Concannon Family
Thomas & Betty Conley The Thomas J. Conley Family
John and Mary Conley John and Betty Conley
James & Katherine Connaughton James P. Connaughton Family
James Connelly James M. Lavern Connelly Family
Rich Connors Connors and McKenna Families
Ronald and Linda Lee Conroy Ronald A. & Linda Lee Conroy
Ronald A. Conroy, Linda Lee Conroy Bernard & Rose Sweeney Conroy
George C. Convey George John Convy 1921-2002
George C. Convey Lucy Dial Curran Convy 1919-'96
William & Barbara Conway William J. Conway Family, Cork
Dennis W. Coon Doris Hogan Coon
Isabelle S. Cordes, Nancy Graf Marie Sweeney Melville Cahill
Nancy Corcoran-Coyne. Coyne Family
Donald E. Cragen Martin K. and Mary A. Scannell
Myles and Christine Crowe Myles and Christine Crowe
James E., Margaret, & Timothy Crowe Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Crowe,
James E. & Peggy Crowe,
James E. & Mary Frances Crowe,
Peter & Nora McDonnell
Maureen Crump Patrick Michael Diggins 1923
Edith Cunnane The Cunnane Family
Kathleen B. Danna William Cannon Brennan
Elizabeth Davenport Heaphy-Fitzgerald-Duggan-Breen
Mary Devereux Schaeffer Family of Jim & Ann Devereux
Rev. Timothy M. Dolan Irish Sisters of Holy Infant
Rev. Timothy M. Dolan Ancestors of +Timothy M. Dolan
Patrick & Carol Donelan Patrick J. Donelan Family
Lawrence and Eileen Doyle Lawrence-Eloise Doyle Family
Joanne L. Lacey Harry & Catherine Doyle Family
John & Rosemary Doyle Jack Pat Rosemary Doyle Family
Virginia and Timothy Drone The Higgins-Reynolds Families
Raymond Duffy Theresa and Gerard Duffy
Raymond Duffy Eileen and Patrick Byrne
Joseph M. and Jeanene A. Dugan Joseph and Jeanene Dugan
Martin L. Duggan, Mae M. Duggan Lawrence and Mae Duggan Family
Martin L. Duggan Nelson and Edna Mosher Family
Martin L. Duggan Martin and Mae Duggan Family
Thomas P. Dunne, Sr. and Jacqualyn Dunne In Memory of My Mother and Father
Adele A. & Thomas C. Dunne
James P. Dunne Michael and Nellie Dunne
Patrick H. & Christine R. Durbin The John O. Durbin Family
Patrick H. & Christine R. Durbin The Thomas M. Gaughran Family
Vivian English Raymond D. & Geraldine Daly
Fr. William B. Faherty Will and Ange Faherty Family
William B. Faherty, S.J. Dan, Joan, Anne, Kate Faherty
William B. Faherty, S.J. William and Ellen McD.Faherty
Kathleen Ferguson Patrick & Catherine Ferguson
Eleanor Ferry & siblings John and Theresa Halloran
Eleanor J. Ferry Daniel J. Ferry Family
Murray E. Finn, M.D. and Lillian E. Finn Murray E. Finn M.D. and Family
Patricia A. Fitzgerald Family of Jack Fitzgerald
Dianne Fitzpatrick Whittaker Family of Henry T. Fitzpatrick
Patrick M. Flachs Catherine Agnes Grant Flachs
Robert E. & Margaret M. Flynn Thomas & Kate Tunney Flynn
Robert E. & Margaret M. Flynn Thomas & Kate Gibbons Mannion
Lou Fusz Motor Company Lou Fusz
Niall J. & Gretchen L. Gannon Niall & Gretchen Gannon Family
Helen & Patrick Gannon Helen & P.J. Gannon
William A. Geary, Jr. William A. and Monique M. Geary
Rev. John Geoghegan John and Margaret Geoghegan
Carol E. Giblin Byrne-Giblin-Moore
Peggy Gilligan Patrick Gilligan, Sr.
Grandchildren John J. Keaveny, Glennamaddy, IR
Gerard N. Glynn Joseph A. Glynn Family
GMG Partnership The Convy Family
Dennis C. & Monica A. Golden Dr. Dennis C. & Monica Golden
Thomas D. Gorman Thomas and Carole Gorman
William B. Guyol William B. and Mary Grace Guyol
Daniel J. and Hannah L. Hagan SLUH Martin Hagan, S.J.
James M. & Mariana Hanifan Jim & Mariana Hanifan
Michael F. & Beverly Harrington Mike and Bev Harrington Family
Anthony Harris John and Louise Harris
Cecelia C. Hederman Collins-Hederman-Biggins
Rosemary L. Macken and Patricia Hendron John & Anna Gallagher Hendron
Ms. Patricia Hendron - St. Louis Irish Arts Rev. Francis Paul Gallagher
Rosemary L. Macken and Patricia Hendron Thomas & Alice Keating Macken
Thomas V. and Betty Ann Hennessy Thomas J. Hennessy & Family
Dennis Hennessy Dennis G. Hennessy
Tom Hilton In Memory of Patrick M. Mannion
Stephanie and Richard Hof O'Day & Haggerty, County Clare
Paul A. and Karen M. Hogan Paul A. & Karen M. Hogan
Patrick C. & Madonna Hogan Hogan-Scully-O'Connor
Paul A. and Karen M. Hogan Daniel A. & Adlinda M. Hogan
Hollowoo, Barry, Lindley,
Kelley, Mannion, Cronin,
The Barry Family of Ballylegan
Richard F. Huck Jr. and Agnes K. Huck Mr. & Mrs. William J. Kinsella, Sr.
Charles and Margaret Ann Hudson Charles L. Hudson Family
John R. Hughes Maurice Lee & Mary O'Hanlon Lee
John R. Hughes Charles and Ann Sweeney Hughes
Theresa E. Hughes Michael L. & Theresa F. Hughes
John R. Hughes Maurice Lee & Mary O'Hanlon
Rev. John Johnson McLain-Giblin-Morrissey
Rev. John Johnson Johnny & Gert Johnson
Patricia S. Keating John R. & Bridget H. Sullivan
M. Brigid Kelley Dooley Sisters - Dora Mary Thelma
Bill, Brigitte, Sean and Megan Kelly Kelly Heatherman Kirkland 1850
Michael F and Kathleen Kickham Michael and Kathleen Kickham Family
Margaret A. Klaus The Fogarty Family
John M. & Juliana F. Lally Lally-Murray-O'Brien-O'Malley
Diane Terry Langeneckert Diane Terry Langeneckert
Maureen Langton Susan Langton Love to our Mom, Dad & Brother
G.T. Lawlor Construction (Gerald T. Lawlor) Michael J. & Helen Lawlor
G.T. Lawlor Construction (Gerald T. Lawlor) Norman and Anne Barry George
G.T. Lawlor Construction (Gerald T. Lawlor) Gerald T. and Betty Lawlor Family
Mary Lawlor Lawlor-Moran-Quinn-Lynch
Katherine Lawtson Morgan Bernard Lawton
Joseph & Joan Lipic Foundation Joseph and Joan Lipic Family
Tom and Phyllis Littmann A.J. McCauley/W.L. Harmon
Tom and Phyllis Littmann A.P. Littmann/H.M. McCauley
Tom and Phyllis Littmann J. Littmann/M. Mahoney
Tom and Phyllis Littmann Tom and Phyllis Littmann
Warren H. Long Warren H. Long Family
Kriegshauser, Kerckhoff, Stude Edward and Mary Lynch Family
John E. MacGoy Jon & Judy MacGoy and Children
John E. MacGoy Mary-Scott-Jeanne-Nancy-Jon J.
Rita Maloney Mike Maloney-Elen Fruin Family
The Sullivan Family Michael & Mae (Ryan) Sullivan
Donald F. Mattli James & Anastasia Walsh Shine
James & Patricia McAtee Jim, Pat, Sara & Kevin McAtee
R & D Geekie, R & D McAuliffe, Eleanor Pons The James J. McAuliffe Family
James, Patrick and Kevin McDonough James & Irene McDonough
Dennis P. McDonough Wm. M. & Dolores T. McDonough
Patrick J. McDonough Patrick McDonough and Family
James McDowell Trust James A. McDowell & Family
William A. and Rosalie A. McDowell The William A. McDowell Family
Regina McGahan E. Sullivan-T.E. McGahan
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph B. McGlynn, Jr. M. Mercedes McGlynn
Daniel R.Welby and Maureen A. McGlynn Maureen McGlynn & Daniel Welby
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph B. McGlynn, Jr. Joseph B McGlynn-Metta O'Brien
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph B. McGlynn, Jr. Daniel McGlynn-Jane Reynolds
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph B. McGlynn, Jr. Connor & Aidan Welby
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph B. McGlynn, Jr. Joseph B, Veronica & Kolya McGlynn
Matt and Stephanie McGlynn Matt and Stephanie McGlynn
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph B. McGlynn, Jr. Michael P & Alejandra McGlynn
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph B. McGlynn, Jr. Joseph B & Helen McGlynn
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph B. McGlynn, Jr. James McGlynn-Mary Lynch
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph B. McGlynn, Jr. Meghan McGlynn & Mark Dischinger
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph B. McGlynn, Jr. Mary Ellen McGlynn Bremehr
James J. McGovern Dennis McGovern-Mary Gilvarry
J. McGuire, M. McGuire, M. Martz, D. McGuire Tom and Annie Conboy McGuire
James J. McLaughlin, Jr. James J. and Angeline McLaughlin
James J. McLaughlin, Jr. Thomas J. and Julia McLaughlin
James J. McLaughlin, Jr. Jane and Jimmy McLaughlin
Patrick and Gwendolyn McManemy In Memory of Rachel E. McManemy
Michael & Kathleen Meehan Mary and Joe Meehan & Family
Metropolitan Irish Culture &
Performing Arts Committee
Metropolitan Irish Culture & Performing Arts Committee
Florence C. Mollencott Martin & Johannah Foley Cardiff
Revocable Trust of Agnes B. Molloy Thomas Fox Supr. Sentinel KFM
Revocable Trust of Agnes B. Molloy Theresa & John W. Devereux, M.D.
Revocable Trust of Agnes B. Molloy PVT Leo W. Devereux, France 1918
Revocable Trust of Agnes B. Molloy Capt. Thomas J. & Agnes Molloy
Footwear Unlimited The Michael H. Mooney Family
Donald and Rita Moriarty Donald Wm Moriarty Family 1912
Anne M. Mosher Thomas L. & Frances A. Byrnes
William J. Mulcahy Maurice Mulcahy
Thomas C. and Dorothy J. Muldoon Thomas C. Muldoon and Family
Lloyd and Mary Ellen Murphey Lloyd and Mary Ellen Murphey
Mary Ellen and Lloyd V. Murphey Patrick, Mike & Mary Murphey
Thomas P. Murphy, Sr. and
Thomas P. Murphy, Jr.
Rev. Thomas P. Murphy Family
Murphy Charitable Trust Forrest Murphy Family
Robert W. and Claire K. Murray Dr. Robert W. Murray Family
James J. & Frances E. Noonan The Noonan-Dolan Family
Margaret M. and Mary K. O'Connell O'Connell-O'Leary
Patrick & Lydia O'Connor Patrick J. & Lydia M. O'Connor
John Scott O'Reilly M B O'Reilly, Co. Wicklow 1848
by John F. O'Reilly and Family
O'Rourke, Callahan, Schaeffer, Roach, et. al. Mary T. & Michael J. O'Rourke
Thomas M. O'Shea Pat & Cecelia Earley (Tansey)
Terrence J. O'Toole Descendants of Tirlough O'Toole
Edward & Rose O'Donnell Edward A. O'Donnell Family
Daniel and Joann O'Loughlin Daniel Robt. O'Loughlin Family
Hugh & Kimberly Plunkett The Hugh P. Plunkett Family
Michael & Barbara Quinn Patrick M. & Susan M. Quinn
Michael & Barbara Quinn Shawn P. & Molly M. Quinn
Michael & Barbara Quinn Michael J. & Barbara J. Quinn
Michael & Barbara Quinn W. Edward & Margaret A. Quinn
Michael & Barbara Quinn Bernard E. & Marie J. Quinn
Joseph Reilly Ed and Virginia Reilly Family
James E. Reynolds James E. Reynolds and Family
Edward Rice The Rice-Madden Family
Eileen and John Riordan Patrick and Margaret Riordan
Michael J. and Lillian Roarty Michael and Lee Roarty Family
Carolyn M. & Richard M. Sachs Coyle-Gaffney-McLaughlin-Kiely
Saint Louis-Galway Sister Cities, Inc. St. Louis Galway-Sister Cities
Richard A. Sauget Rich & Judee Sauget & Family
Mary E. Schulein James McGovern-Nelly Gilvarry
Virginia V. Seaver William Edward Fitzgerald III
James A. and Karen L. Shaughnessy Ian Gerard Shaughnessy
Trace & Lynn Shaughnessy Trace S. Shaughnessy Family
Joseph F. Shaughnessy Joseph F. Shaughnessy Family
James A. and Karen L. Shaughnessy Karen Lynn Shaughnessy
James A. and Karen L. Shaughnessy Owen Andrew Shaughnessy
James A. and Karen L. Shaughnessy James Andrew Shaughnessy
Vincent & Mary Judith Shaw Vincent & Judy Shaw
Diane V. Shaw James & Margt Heeney 1855-1929
Patricia D. Sheehan Dickmann-Sheehan Families
Julia A. Slattery Dennis & Julia Slattery Family
Charles R. and Patricia Snyder Mr. & Mrs. James E. Fitzsimmons
Robert and Mary Sokolik James Igoe and Agnes Mullaney
Mr. & Mrs. James T. Spencer Joseph and Elizabeth Spencer
St. Louis University High
School, Pastoral Account
The Family of Paul G. Sheridan
St. Louis Strassenfest Corporation St. Louis Strassenfest Corp.
Robert E. Staed, Timothy W. Staed Robert & Mary Staed
Michael & Ann Stephens Timothy Stephens, County Galway
Toni & Jack Stretch, Maureen & Tony Catlett John & Angie Stretch
Helen Sullivan Timothy T. And Alice M. Gormley
Rebecca L. and Michael R. Swofford Madigan-Moughan-Lavin-Mohan
Phillip S. & Addie Tomber The Egan-Tomber Family
John F. Toney Mannion-Cunningham-Bourke
Michael W. Tooley Susan (Rice) and Earl Naylor
Michael W. Tooley Rev. Michael W. Tooley
William & Margaret Torno Edgar J. & Josie Kennedy Feely
Blance Touhill Marguerite and Michael Walsh
Daniel G. Phillips Robert Tucker Catharine Maume
William Tunney, Jr. (no inscription)
John H. Veidt and Kathleen Cox Veidt Dennis Joseph and Viola Cox
James Dailey Wahl James Dailey Wahl Family
Jack and Marianne Wahl Jack and Marianne Wahl Family
James Dailey Wahl Ed Wahl Family
Nathaniel S. Walsh Walsh Family - Boston-St. Louis
Noce, Walsh, Cole and Beck families Tom and Kathryn Walsh, Wexford
Terence P. Walsh Terry Walsh
John J. Walsh John-Jane-John-Mike-Julie Walsh
Donald & Carol Welby Donald R. & Carol L. Welby
James E. Welby Jr. James E. Welby
Thomas and Stacey Whyte Whyte - Cooney Families
M. Patricia Wirthlin and Family Molloy-Mabry-Johnston-Wirthlin
Joanne L. Lacey James & Kathleen Wood Family